Standard and custom live bait rigs / spinners   The rigs are made from the highest quality components.  We have 6 bead colors and 48 blades on hand and others  can be used with a custom rig.

Custom Rigs  / spinners are made the way you want.  You can have a special length or Lb. test.  Do you want a different hook size or type?  Whatever you want we will make it for you.

 Our rigs are made in 1, 2 and 3 hook models, the line is 14 Lb. Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon.  The clevis is a "Quick Change Clevis" so the spinner can be changed to match the changing conditions.  Hooks are #4 Gamakatsu red octopus hooks (other hooks can be used on custom rigs).  We also make rigs with "Mustad Ultra Point Slow Death hooks"  and "Mustad Super Death hooks"  (other hooks can be used on custom rigs). The  spinner blades are #3 and #4 Colorado and Indiana blades in proven fish catching colors.  Smile, Butterfly and Montana blades are also available.


Rod sleeves are made to order. I will make them to the length and diameter you want. 

Check for specials on our product.

I have pictures of each wood you can choose from and each blade. Any wood can be used on any blade. Text, email or call me with any questions. 

Dealers contact us for pricing